29: Interview with Digital Nomad & Blogger Lulu Anderson

Today we feature another digital nomad, Lulu Anderson from the US shares her tips to travel the world.


Tell us about your background and what business you run!

I went to school for Cardiopulmonary Exercise Science in Boston, then worked in biopharma for 4 years. Around that time I realized that I had no creative outlet and quit, cold turkey, moved to Texas and started working at lululemon selling stretchy pants. From there I moved back to Boston and began my current career of digital and social media marketing. This past October I quit another job with no backup plan while on a “3 week vacation” with then boyfriend. I now work as a digital nomad with a few clients around the globe.

What would you say is the most cost effective way to market your product?

My blog and social media channels have been a great way for me to meet new clients. Additionally, never underestimate being at the right place at the right time!

What does still work in marketing and what is out-dated nowadays?

People are absolutely willing to read content. Good content, with clear messaging. Too many people are self-involved with the words they put down and don’t edit themselves.

Do you follow blogs of fellow nomads?

I don’t subscribe to blogs as much as I search for tweets with relevant keywords to whatever I am experiencing at that time (loneliness, health insurance…etc.).

What are the most frequent UX mistakes you see when you analyze websites?

I recently told a potential client that his website was dated and the colors made me feel like I was shopping for a gynecologist. It was true and now he wants to work with me. I tend to like minimally designed UX with a few simple CTAs; however, there are plenty of great examples of sites with many pathways that have been well thought out.

How does traffic from Social Media convert in comparison to other traffic sources?

Social Media traffic can be so niche targeted that I personally think it is always worth the spend. Google’s ad profile can be completely off base, whereas Facebook knows EXACTLY what pages you’ve liked and the demographics you have entered. It’s simple and you can pay based on whatever your favorite KPI is.

Would you say it is easier or more difficult to make friends with your lifestyle?

Since breaking up with the boyfriend (right after V-Day), I joined a coworking space called Dreamplex. I’ve met a lot of interesting and smart people through that as well as through WORK Saigon and digital nomad groups on Facebook.

Any tips you can give someone who wants to start to live like you?

I would suggest that anyone who wants to take the leap start with a savings account with at least $2,000 and enough clients to keep them occupied 10 hours per week. Something I did not have.

What would you say is the best digital hangout to learn more about digital nomadism?

Coworking spaces in Ho Chi Minh have been great. I’m excited to experience more in other countries.

You are in Vietnam right now. Tell us more about your experience there?

I left Boston to travel the world. Now I am in another big city at a desk 25-30 hours per week. This is not why I chose to live this lifestyle. The next stop will be a place with great wifi and NATURE! I want to work about 20 hours per week, 10 on my blog and social media, and then really kick life’s ass with awesomeness.

What would you say is a good country to start if you are new to this?

I was in Indonesia when I made the choice to quit my job but did not have great wifi until HCM so I never started making connections and gathering clients prior to this. HCM is inexpensive, the food is amazing, the wifi is strong – so this is a great option. I’ve also heard great things about Chiang Mai, Koh Lanta, Ubud, and others.

As a digital nomad you rely on the Internet. How reliable is it compared to the US?

The wifi is Pai, Thailand and Palawan, Philippines was terrible! Here in Vietnam I have no complaints and would say it is as good as my wifi back in the States.

How long have you been traveling the world and how has this changed your view on the world?

I’ve been a traveler since I was in my early twenties (31 now), but this is the first backpacking I’ve done over an extended period. My views keep evolving. I feel like I can go anywhere and do anything – but this feeling can be paralyzing at times. Ultimately, I am going with the flow and waiting for “signs” to guide my next decision. It’s currently looking like an opportunity might work out in Portugal!

How do you handle health insurance?

I need to start researching the insurance thing. I have a lot of bookmarks saved (specifically worldnomads.com) and I have the money. At this point I’m tempting fate! So far my biggest accident was a 2nd degree firework burn on NYE, which was resolved with burn cream and keeping it clean.

Please visit her website Lulakilla.com to learn more about Lulu.

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