16: Interview with personal development coach Nachi

Today we talk to Nachi from Livelikeyounow.com who works as a personal development coach.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

I am a personal development coach. Commonly referred to as “life coach.” I coach people who want to develop whatever it is they want to develop. I have coached many different kinds of people and on various subjects like weight loss, confidence, career, and love life to name a few. It’s all about acknowledging and reaching one’s own full potential. As a coach, I am my client’s cheerleader on the road to their own version of success.
My bachelors degree is in Psychology, so I’ve always been fascinated by people. With life coaching, I have front row seats to watching people use their God-given talents and make their ‘impossible’ possible. It’s a wonderful experience.

What inspired you to start this business?

I lead a charmed life. I am surrounded by so many gifted people. But, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, not all of them see just how much they are capable of doing. And those that are aware, get stuck in accomplishing what they want. That’s what inspired me to look into life coaching.

What inspired me to start my business was a very personal event. I received news that a former friend took her own life. She had so much in her. So much to share with the world. And now, that’s gone – forever. The world is deprived of her gifts and talents. I personally feel that if more of us lived to our potential, if more of us reached for our stars, if more of us lived like our true selves the world would be a greater place for the masses. From that, “Live Like YOU – Now!” was born. My goal is to get as many people as possibly living like themselves. Their unique selves. Not tomorrow, not next week, but right now.


What would you recommend new entrepreneurs? How to get started?

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Do some research on what you want to do, and figure out a way to start. There are so many steps between starting a business and where you’re at right now. Take those steps and see how it feels. If it still feels right, keep going.

Also, you don’t have to do it alone. Find a coach! Many coaches, like myself, offer free consultations so you can test drive them. It doesn’t have to be me, but try it. For my coaching business, and other areas of my life, I’ve received coaching and the clarity after my sessions saved me a lot of time I would have wasted if I had gone at it alone. Plus, coaches offer support. They push you to go confidently in the directions of your dreams.

Who do you think is the most accomplished entrepreneur you’ve met?

My parents. My mother and father don’t stop. They keep going. After ‘retirement’ they began their own projects. Or rather, they continued their projects from before retirement. From nothing my father has built a legacy he will leave behind. My mother, seeing a need, took it upon herself to fill the need. None of their feats have been easy. But they took what others believed to be impossible and made them possible. They took their dreams, and made them realities. They are true inspirations to me and I feel honored to call them my parents.

What is your single best non-obvious tip for running a business?

Drink water. I get in the zone and forget the outside world. Sounds cliché but it’s so true. Having a bottle of water next to me is helpful for two reasons:

1. When I am in the zone, I’m running on automatic. Drinking water becomes a part of that automated routine.
2. Because I’m on automatic, it’s a matter of time until I reach for another swig. When I realize my water is out, it forces me to get up from my seat and take care of my body in more obvious ways (stretching, munching, calls of nature, etc…)

This is for times when I’m coaching but also when I’m creating content, updating my social media, marketing and researching. Because I’m sitting for so long, it can be easy to neglect my body – and that is a no –no. Wherever I am, so is my business. If my body isn’t well taken care of – I have no business.

What should you take into account when starting a business?

How trying it will be. Exposing myself to people, especially those closest to me was an odd experience. For some reason, I would feel more at ease telling a stranger about my business than those closest to me. With time, that became less of a concern especially when it came to psyching MYSELF up for what I was embarking on. Success can be scary because so much out there is telling you ‘it can’t happen.’
Starting your own business will push you in terms of how much, and how, you believe in yourself. Your product or service may be amazing. Revolutionary even. But not everyone will want it – and that’s not a reflection on you or your product. It just is what it is. And that’s OK. These times, in the beginning will be trying – but then you’ll get so busy, and flooded, by those that want to be a part of what you’re doing you’ll forget to be bothered.

What tools do you use to run your business?

Coaching uses my whole being. My ears, mouth, heart, head – all that. Hence the importance of taking care of my body. Outside of me, I use the telephone, Skype and other communication tools for my coaching sessions. And so the internet is a big player, especially for my oversea clients. On my client’s end – pen and paper are essential. I always encourage the taking of notes in my time with my clients as that reinforces what happens next.

Can you recommend a company or designer who helped you build the website?

My website is beautiful. I worked with Samantha Zimmerman from Ayana Technical Services. Throughout the process, I was very happy with the edits and how quickly my web-designer understood my intentions, and how responsive she was to accommodating my wishes. The service was professional and I could tell the designer wanted to make sure I was happy with the look and feel of the website. I felt very well taken care of by Samantha.

Do you have a Unique Selling Point?

At face value, I sell the attainment dreams. At the core of my sessions, what we really cover is whether or not someone is truly living like themselves. Recognizing and removing the boundaries that stop us from reaching our dreams. It’s a wonderful thing, and I admire those that take the steps to give attention to themselves and what they want for themselves. I should mention, it’s not about tomfoolery. It’s about making time for yourself, knowing yourself and living your best life.

How did you come up with the name of the company?

“Live Like YOU – Now!” is simple – live like YOU. Not tomorrow, not next week. But now. Right now. There’s a lot of noise out there about what we should want, what we should be, and what we should have. We all have our own personal version of what success means to us – at different times of our lives too! Following someone else’s version, doesn’t do much for us but feel like something is missing. Living like YOU is about knowing what it is that success, happiness, and whatever else means to YOU. And all that can happen now. Not after graduation. Not after retirement. Not after marriage. But now, today, this moment.

How do you stay productive and not get distracted?

I don’t know. When I care, I enter the zone. Music is good but I’ve gone hours just sitting quietly immersed in my thoughts while I work.

Outside of business what do you enjoy doing? How do you recharge your batteries?

It’s a labour of love. However the sessions can be pretty draining on me. It feels good to laugh. I make my own soap, candles, and beauty products so that’s always a fun time for me. Especially making soap. It takes me away to a very quiet place.

Do you think making decisions on a gut feeling is a good idea?

I operate on a gut feeling. At the core of my coaching ethos is ‘follow your gut’ get back in touch with your gut. That still, inner voice that speaks for your true desires. The voice that speaks for the path that is uniquely yours. Developing and getting back in touch with that is not an easy task but it is worth it. I have found acknowledging my gut leads me to fewer regrets.

What are the pros and cons of running your own business?

Too much immersion. It’s my nature to go above and beyond. Although I know perfection is a farce – I can’t help but strive for it. I want to give as much value as I can to my current, and would be, clients. I’m ever thinking about how I can do that. The con is finding the ‘off’ button. But therein lies the pro – I know I’m giving the people I work with the absolute best of my ability.

What is your experience with paid ads? Do you recommend Google Adwords or Facebook Ads?

I recommend Facebook Ads, they have been very good at reaching people I would not have otherwise reached. Because I coach internationally, facebook will show ads to the locations I want to concentrate on. I have yet to try Google Adwords, but Facebook has been good to me.

Do you use any productivity tools?

I sometimes use a timer or stop watch for my sessions – it keeps me on track. These come especially in handy when I have multiple clients booked backed to back.

What’s a view you held before starting your business that has since changed?

How FAST what I imagined could be REAL. Which is funny because I’m in the business of helping my clients see just how tangible their goals are. I never stop being winded at just how quickly thoughts can become real.
Another view that as changed is my attitude of feeling like I had to do it all alone. There have been many resources, from those around me and from fellow coaches, which have helped get me to where I am in my coaching.

Any favorite books about personal development you can recommend?

How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield

– Been reading this one very slowly. It’s a fast and easy read. It’s a valuable read and so I’m taking my time with it.

The Secret by Rhonda Bryne

– I’ve read this book twice, watched the movie, and listened to the book on tape. It still hasn’t stopped being full of useful “Oh yeah…” or “That’s a great point!” or “Let me try that…” moments.

Conversations with God – Book One by Neale Donald Walsch

– I read this ages and ages ago. It gave me a lot to think about. It’s a book I would want to revisit in the future and attempt to digest it once more.

Who do you think is the ultimate personal development guru?

It’s so hard to decide on one! The late Wayne Dyer, and the late Jim Rohn are the greats. I would have to say of those living – Tony Robbins, Matthew Hussey, and Joel Osteen are ones that always get me going whenever anything is weighing me down. Tony Robbins has such a powerful presence and talk about service. He’s truly a master of inspiration. Matthew Hussey studied the greats and brings it home nicely. Joel Osteen gets me at my core. As a pastor, he connects my spirituality to it all.

On that note, I’m going to go rogue and say Jesus is probably the ultimate personal development guru. He speaks about loving yourself as much as you love your neighbor. For me, that means you MUST love YOURSELF as much as you love others. Many people show their love to others, serve others, sacrifice so much for others and do nothing for themselves. I’m guilty of that as well. Who isn’t? Live like you now is about showing yourself some love and going after what you want. With that, people can then show more love, and give more love to those around them because that’s how loving others as you love yourself works.

For more information please visit Livelikeyounow.com.


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